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Supporting Systemic Change and Strengthening Institutions

In partnership with

School Education Department,
Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

Building the foundation for teachers through

CM Rise Digital Teacher Training

The programme supports teachers across the 52 districts of the state











The Government of Madhya Pradesh and Peepul have partnered to conceptualize, design and implement
CM Rise, to create a holistic learning ecosystem for the 300,000 teachers in the state, to help them
navigate the current and future times, and empower them to be effective last mile support, counsellors
and educators for their students and their families.

We began the journey with CM Rise Digital Teacher Training, leveraging the national platform DIKSHA of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, to deliver bite sized, modular training courses for the teachers. This has since
evolved into a three year program vision and plan for the state on teacher professional development.

The CM Rise Vision

Creating a concerted learning ecosystem that enables every teacher to support their students, linked to their realities and needs.

This programme aims to:

1. Equip teachers and education officials with the skills and knowledge
required to support children effectively through this COVID crisis (including
psychosocial support)

2. Create an ecosystem of continued development for teachers that is
personalized, need-based and supports societal and academic goals, to
build a more aware, capable and resilient teacher workforce for the future.


Every course covers the complete training arc -from introduction to reinforcement


An initial ‘hook’ to engage participants and get them thinking about the course subject

Course session

Core training course explaining a critical, bite-sized piece of knowledge (subject / non-subject) and linking it to classroom reality


Exercises that involve self-assessment and application of acquired learnings

We use a variety of content in our courses to good effect




Quizzes and questionnaires

In a very short period of time and in the middle of a very tough situation,  the state government and Peepul have partnered to achieve something that was unthinkable even a few months ago. Our teachers have responded to the training modules with enthusiasm and have shared their ideas and feedback to help us make it even better. We are looking forward to pioneering teacher development together with Peepul.

Rashmi Shami

Principal Secretary, School Education,

Government of Madhya Pradesh

The Peepul team has been excellent in their support especially by activating stakeholders at all levels in the education system, ensuring seamless coordination with multi-stakeholders for the programme. Their efforts in ensuring that this program has the enthusiastic participation and support of all teachers, academic officials, various institutes across the state, and other partners (technology and content collaborators) has been remarkable. This has been a valiant effort from Peepul and makes them a valued partner in this flagship endeavour of the Department of School Education"

Lokesh Jatav

Commissioner, School Education Department

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