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Transforming Learning in Government Schools


Our Vision

We dream of schools where every child can explore and learn to reach their full potential and pursue a fulfilling career with confidence

Our Mission

To transform learning in public schools by increasing student engagement in classrooms and strengthening governance systems


Our Foundation:
The Exemplar Schools

Our Journey started when we turned around one government school in Delhi

We run three exemplar schools through public-private partnership model with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Our high-engagement classroom model is tested and designed to be scaled and replicated across geographies. These schools serve as our R&D labs and evidence for ‘how a government school could look’. 

Our Idea

Imagine a classroom where the teacher calls upon every child randomly. Every child is alert, curious and attentive. The students are allowed to discuss and solve problems with their peers and learn from one another. Every child gets to touch, feel and use the learning material – whether a maths toolkit, a book or a science kit. The teacher stays in the classroom while the children work and gives them feedback in real-time. The children cognitively engage with the topic. There is a happy buzz of students taking ownership of their learning. This is student engagement and this is what makes the classroom a meaningful space for every learner.

IMG_20220802_102039 (1).png

Our work in Exemplar Schools helps us ensure that: 

Our interventions
context driven

We work deeply with the community to understand their socio-economic situation and the challenges they face

Our interventions 
data driven

We use impact evidence generated in our exemplar schools to design interventions at scale

Our interventions remain
 simple but effective

We leverage government partnerships to create ‘simple-to-adopt’ and ‘easy-to-scale’ interventions for public schools

Our Model For Scale

Learning in schools can improve only if the student is engaged in the classroom. We build strong government partnerships to co-design high-level strategies for (1) Teacher Professional Development, (2) Academic Mentorship and Coaching and (3) Strengthening Governance and Institutions to improve learning outcomes in public schools. 

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Our Reach and Impact


Learning Outcomes

Parental Involvement


Scaling High Engagement Classrooms (1).png







Our Impact

Our Government Partners

Peepul provides catalytic support to the government to build capacity within the system to drive improvement in education systems. Our end goal is that the government is the DOER and PAYER at scale. Thus, we work closely with the government to reallocate their large budgets towards interventions that will drive better student engagement and therefore learning outcomes.


Our Supporters

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