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System Transformation

Schools Systems Transformations Programme


Our Partnership with MCD

The Education Department, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) with the support of Peepul is driving a multi-year systemic reform programme (erstwhile Project Parivartan) that aims to improve learning outcomes across all MCD schools. The programme takes a holistic systems transformation approach through Academic, Administrative and Institutional reforms. 

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Transformation Model

The reforms are carried out with the help of enabler initiatives targeting every stage of the learning cycle to ensure well-rounded development of the education ecosystem. The lesson plans and assessments are aligned according to student competencies along with a focus on creating remedial teaching strategies. Other initiatives include regular monitoring and evaluation of the impact on learning outcomes and capacity building of teachers and school officials.   

Great teachers bring out the

champion in every child


And so, we aim to nurture

high-performing teachers for every child

Capacity Building

Teacher Capacity Building Programme

Our partnership with teachers

The MCD Teacher Capacity Building Programme (erstwhile Sitara) is an offline in-person teacher training programme in partnership with Municipal Corporation of Delhi, with the objective of improving the competency-based teaching practices of grade 2 and 3 teachers.  

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Programme Design

The sessions are designed to help teachers to practice application of the concepts through teaching resources and adopt techniques and strategies demonstrated during the session to easily implement them in the classrooms. Teachers are provided with toolkits, demonstrations and handouts to conduct their activities.


With Peepul's teacher training program, we are getting great insight into the methods that are most effective in the classroom. Through classroom observations, we can directly see how the methods we are trained in are used.

Neeru Sethi

Teacher, MCD Badarpur School


I really loved the three modules I attended – on Classroom Management, Hindi and English. In the 18 years of my service, these are the best trainings I have attended – I found them extremely fruitful. The materials provided, the way the sessions were taken… It was very informative.


Teacher, MCD Primary School, Sriniwaspuri (Girls)

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