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We prioritise our team and strive to provide a compelling work environment that recognises and rewards exceptional talent. We understand the importance of attracting top professionals to our team.

Life at Peepul

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Shubham Singh
Programme Manager

My time at Peepul has been extraordinary, offering invaluable lessons in team dynamics, leadership, and organizational behavior. A notable accomplishment was successfully implementing a digital literacy program, witnessing the growth of our dedicated team throughout the journey. Solving complex challenges systematically brings me professional fulfillment here. Peepul stands out by addressing systemic issues while supporting ground-level operations. Collaboration is integral to our values, evident in our selection process for the digital literacy program. Real-time information from divisional leaders and their active engagement ensured effective explore sessions. Consistent, positive feedback at Peepul enhances my productivity and fuels my passion for growth and excellence.

Work Benefits

360 Degree Growth Support

Collaborative Teamwork

Competitive Compensation

Inclusive Work Environment

Family Health Insurance 

Mental Wellbeing Support

Discover your Journey

Roles in Madhya Pradesh

Director, Programmes

Apply by 31.07.2024

Programme Manager - MP Programmes

Apply by 31.07.2024

Project Manager - CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme

Apply by 31.07.2024

Project Associate - CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme

Apply by 31.07.2024

(Sr.) Project Associate, Training, Digital Literacy

Apply by 31.07.2024

Project Manager, Digital Literacy Programme

Apply by 31.07.2024

Strategy Consultant - CEO's Office

Apply by 15.08.2024

Roles in Delhi

Communications Head

Apply by 31.07.2024

(Sr.) Communications Specialist

Apply by 31.07.2024

(Sr.) Project Manager - DIB

Apply by 31.07.2024

Project Manager - MCD Scale Programme

Apply by 31.07.2024

(Sr.) Project Associate, Digital Literacy

Apply by 31.07.2024

Primary Teacher

Apply by 31.07.2024

Academic Support Coordinator - TPD

Apply by 31.07.2024

School Coordinator, Digital Literacy

Apply by 31.07.2024

Peepul's Commitment

At Peepul, we are unwavering in our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment that upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct. Peepul has a zero-tolerance policy for behaviors that are incompatible with our objectives, including child exploitation, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination.  As part of our comprehensive background check process, candidates will undergo thorough reference checks, verification of academic credentials, and employment history.

We treat all information obtained during this process with the utmost confidentiality and adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations. By maintaining these high standards and conducting thorough background checks, we aim to ensure that every individual associated with Peepul prioritises children's safety, well-being, and best interests. Together, we can create a nurturing and empowering environment where every child can thrive.

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