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Work With Us

Apply now and become part of the Peepul team, where you can transform lives and create a brighter future for the next generation

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Join the Mission! 

At Peepul, our mission is to provide an excellent, holistic education to the children of the poorest of the poor, thereby transforming India's school education system. Join us to transform education and make a difference. ​We welcome like-minded individuals who share our passion for education reform and are driven to bring about positive change.


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We prioritise our team and strive to provide a compelling work environment that recognises and rewards exceptional talent. We understand the importance of attracting top professionals to our team.

Competitive Compensation

We offer competitive compensation packages tailored to each individual's qualifications and experience. Your dedication and expertise will be fairly recognised.

Benefits and Policies

We value the well-being of our employees and their families. We provide a range of attractive benefits:

  • A generous health insurance covering your spouse, and your first two children 

  • A leave policy designed to support work-life balance

  • Additional benefits such as provident fund, gratuity, travel reimbursements and allowances for communication and relocation.

Inspiring Work Culture

Join a dynamic and purpose-driven organisation where innovation, collaboration, and personal growth are encouraged. We foster an inclusive and diverse work environment that values everyone's unique contributions.

Discover your Journey


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Peepul's Commitment

At Peepul, we are unwavering in our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment that upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct. Peepul has a zero-tolerance policy for behaviors that are incompatible with our objectives, including child exploitation, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination.  As part of our comprehensive background check process, candidates will undergo thorough reference checks, verification of academic credentials, and employment history. We treat all information obtained during this process with the utmost confidentiality and adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations. By maintaining these high standards and conducting thorough background checks, we aim to ensure that every individual associated with Peepul prioritises children's safety, well-being, and best interests. Together, we can create a nurturing and empowering environment where every child can thrive.

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Life at Peepul


Pallav Kumar
Senior Project Associate

At Peepul, my journey has been nothing short of remarkable, characterized by a deep commitment to both my professional and personal growth. Immersed in the realms of program management, stakeholder management, government school systems, and teaching pedagogy, my knowledge has flourished with every opportunity. Engaging with teachers during trainings and Classroom Observation has been a truly transformative experience. It has allowed me to forge deep and trusting relationships with these educators, and witnessing the success of the interventions we implement fills me with immense pride.


One of the highlights of my time here was the unique opportunity to train all the 150+ employees and newly recruited teachers in theatre, body language, and voice modulation. Peepul's culture is nothing short of inspiring. It fosters inclusivity, encourages personal growth, and genuinely places its employees first with its 'PeepulFirst' policy. The collaborative spirit that permeates our office is evident in every endeavor we undertake

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