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COVID 19 Response 

The Situation in India​

India's deadly Covid-19 second wave in 2021 has devastated the country, especially in smaller settlements where the disease is largely under-reported. In early May 400,000 new infections were reported in a day nationwide. This is the highest reported in a single day in any country since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.​

As a containment measure, states have reinstated lockdown restrictions and governments declared suspension of teaching while declaring early summer vacations for students. This may lead to livelihood losses and push communities to migrate back to villages. 

Hence Peepul is addressing the issues in India through a holistic COVID response strategy detailed below.


 Donate resources for 800 Families

We need to support 800 children and their families that are short on ration, supplies and lack medical support due to the pandemic and lockdown in Delhi. ​

These families come from the poorest and most marginalized communities​.

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Virtual schooling for 1,200 children in Delhi

In 2020 we went virtual in our schools due to pandemic related challenges, we expect 2021 to continue to be fully virtual as government schools may not open anytime soon. ​

The 1,200 children studying at our three exemplar primary schools in Delhi need right access to devices as well as teachers for online learning.

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Training 400,000 Front-Line Teachers in Haryana and Madhya Pradesh ​

With the success of our CM rise programme in Madhya Pradesh in 2020, the Government of Madhya Pradesh with 296,000 teachers across 100,000 schools and the Government of Haryana with 100,000 teachers across 15,000 schools have reached out to us to upskill teachers to enable them to reach and teach children digitally in a world plagued by a pandemic​ in 2021.


Through this intervention we will impact 11.5 million children and 400,000 teachers​.

What we need



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INR 63 lacs​

for immediate relief for 800 families (ration, medical support and counselling) in Delhi​

INR 50 lacs​

to ensure continuity of education for 1,200 children in Delhi​

INR 85 lacs​

to train 400,000 Front-Line Teachers in Haryana and Madhya Pradesh 

Support of INR 1.98 crores will impact at scale and ensure that the most vulnerable children studying in government schools (a total of 11.5 million children and 400,000 teachers) in these three badly impacted states receive front-line teacher and student support. 

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