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The learning content created by Peepul teachers have proven impactful in keeping the learning of our students going.

And so, we are making them available freely for anyone to use. We hope you can use these resources to good effect, too.

Minimising Learning Loss During COVID

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit the poor disproportionately hard; beyond loss of livelihoods, the associated school closures that have gone on for many months, with immense learning losses for their children.


And so, as soon as the lockdown began, our teachers swung to action, under the Reach & Teach Task Force. We reimagined how to continue learning to our students virtually. We reached out to our students through their parents’ phones and widely available low tech solutions like WhatsApp. We partnered with parents to support the child. We curated and created exciting, attractive and relevant material

Digital, distance learning is neither straightforward nor easy for the poor, with their limited access to and understanding of technology.

To conduct effective low tech virtual learning, we crafted a six step process: onboarding and orienting the parents, providing learning content, providing regular review and feedback, and assessing learning.


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