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South Delhi Municipal Corporation


Our network of three high-achieving primary schools in Delhi transforms the lives of  over 1200 children from low-income communities


As practitioners who believe in demonstrated impact, we have pioneered the turnaround of three ailing schools into visual exemplars, in partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC).


These ‘proof-of-concept’ schools that are run within the government system act as our innovation labs. We track and analyze school-level data for insightful evidence on interventions that work. We contextualize international best-practices to the Indian government school context. And once we identify what works, we also codify and disseminate it across the programmes we run.


The profile of our students and the talent pools of teachers are the same as those of a typical government school – yet, we deliver exceptional results.

Our journey in pictures

From dusty desks and empty rooms, to clean, colourful learning spaces.

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Nurturing children in their 'attendance to attainment ’ journeys

Caring classroom environment

Our classrooms are safe spaces that empower children to live up to their potential.


We have developed a strong curriculum, using international best practices and guidance from reputed Indian experts.

Data backed, child specific interventions

We celebrate every child s uniqueness by recognizing that not all children in a classroom are equally empowered.


Empowering teachers to deliver excellence in education

Rigorous selection
and training

We undertake a rigorous multi-stage interview process to identify teachers with the right attributes.

with support:

We encourage our teachers to take ownership of their classrooms, from creating their own lesson plans to innovating teaching methodologies tailored to students.

Tailored growth opportunities

We give our teachers the flexibility to craft their individual professional journeys.


We partner with and work hand in hand to build the knowledge, skills and capacity of government teachers.

Engaging closely with communities
that shape our childrens formative years

Awareness building

We work closely with communities in the catchment areas around our schools to empower them with the information required to support their child's education. 

Continuous engagement:

We run initiatives to ensure that parents / family are involved in positively shaping their childs education.

Counselling and support

Our social workers engage with parents and families to diagnose issues at home to try and support/counsel where needed and possible.


A glimpse into our classrooms: Digital and Real Classrooms