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Peepul and Amazon Future Engineer(AFE) are collaborating to build 21st-century digital skills for the most vulnerable communities in Delhi’s government schools, whose earning is less than INR 6000/month.

Digital literacy in the early years is the first step to open pathways to multitudes of employment opportunities by overcoming inequality in access. The project will pilot and codify methodology to create digitally literate early learners, in line with AFE’s mission, through a focused curriculum, customized teacher training, and by setting up digital labs.

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In this rapidly growing digital age, it is important for our future generations to learn and adapt to it. Sadly because of the growing digital divide, this is not always feasible. A majority of the students in underprivileged backgrounds have highly limited access and exposure to the world of digital learning. This will hamper their growth and learning. The COVID pandemic is a testament to the growing importance of this skill and the need for enabling digital access to all parts of our population. This partnership will aim at a multistage approach towards this process from grassroot level. In context of this, the proposed partnership will be from 2021 to 2024 and will endeavor to:

This program believes that volunteering in Peepul’s schools can, among other benefits, help children learn new skills to help them relate to the professional world. This we believe will also help them gain self-esteem and self-confidence, and enable them with skills to make a significant difference to their lives. Above all that, these sessions can be a fun and creative way to help children engage beyond their everyday classroom curriculum and get a glimpse into something new and different.

Design Principles

In line with Peepul’s approach and Amazon Future Engineer’s program principles, the partnership focuses on Learn and Explore aspects, while also accounting for COVID-19 restrictions.

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