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Support our COVID response efforts

The COVID-19 crisis and the associated lockdown has hit the poor disproportionately hard. Beyond the immediate impact on livelihoods, their chance at a better future for their children is hit –schools have been shut down.​

In Delhi, 1,200 children studying at our three exemplar primary schools in Delhi, come from twelve of the poorest communities in Delhi, with an average family income of INR 6000 per month. ​​

In Madhya Pradesh, 94% of 100,000 schools in MP belong to rural districts and the children come from tribal and marginalized family backgrounds. ​​


The students,  teachers and their families need our support for their essentials as well as for continuity of education.​

Your contribution can help us ensure that these most vulnerable children studying in government schools (a total of 11.5 million children and 400,000 teachers) in these three badly impacted states receive front-line teacher and student support. ​


Help give every child get the education they deserve.

Support our regular operations and COVID response efforts.

To support 2 children’s education for 1 year ​

To support 2 children’s education for 6 months​

To support 2 children's education for 1 month​

Provide tablets & accessories for digital learning​

Tax-exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act

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Donate Digital Devices

Distance, digital learning is neither straightforward nor easy for our students, especially for those whose lives have been disrupted due to the lockdown.

In response to the pandemic related challenges, we have started supporting the students in Peepul's Exemplar Schools with digital tablets from November 2020. To mis-quote Neil Armstrong, "a small step forward for us, a giant leap for learning!" We hope that this helps our children learn and grow!​

​This Wishlist of digital devices, can help continue their learning:​

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To make a regular monthly contribution or other information regarding donations, options for foreign citizens and offline donations please write to us at or +91 95867 08992