Creating exemplar education ecosystems

Enabling teachers to

bring out the champion in every child

The Problem

Our children are going to school, but they are not learning

India is at the edge of an educational crisis of epic proportions. The system is massive, with 250 million students and 9 million teachers. However, 53% of Class 5 students in India cannot read a Class 2 textbook and three-quarters cannot do division, as per the nation-wide ASER survey, 2018. For the 166 million children in 1.1 million public schools (typically from poorest, marginalized communities), the situation is particularly acute.

At Peepul, we believe that creating an environment for meaningful student teacher interactions, is key to transforming the system.

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Our Solution

At Peepul, we look to improve learning outcomes in the public education system, by enabling ‘meaningful teacher-student interaction’. If a child is meaningfully and effectively engaged in the classroom by the teacher, she attends classes regularly, engages in learning, and in turn, achieves learning.

Towards this, we closely partner with national, state, and local governments to design and implement high-quality, scalable solutions that create these high-performing teachers, through a combination of training, coaching and performance management.

Our Approach

We understand, creating that space for a meaningful teacher-student interaction, requires creating the ecosystem to enable it

The Peepul Pillars of Change

Our Work

We run three programs in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh


Exemplar Schools, Delhi

In 2015, we turned around a failing government school, to create the first Public-Private-Partnership school in Delhi. We saw a dramatic improvement in enrolment – from 9 to 200+ in a year. Today, we support ~1000 students across three exemplar partnership schools, with 85% of student meeting/exceeding grade-level expectations. These schools are beacons of excellence in the government system.

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Teacher Capacity Building, Delhi

Distilling the ‘secret sauce’ from the schools, we are now supporting the teacher capacity building of 2,500 teachers across ~600 Delhi primary schools. In the first 2 years, our “bite-sized trainings and coaching” model has shown impact: 90% of teachers trained were implementing best-practice teaching techniques in their classrooms, with 75% actively engaging their students and using interactive techniques to support children’s learning.

CM Rise, Madhya Pradesh

We are partnering with the state Government of Madhya Pradesh on CM Rise, a state-wide effort to support the teacher professional development of the state’s ~300,000+ teachers, who support 10 million students. The CM Rise Digital Teacher Training has been setting standards and breaking records,  with 350,000+ enrolments and 90%+ completion rates in the first 3 months.

Exemplar Schools

Reach and impact



From 9 students in 1 school

now we have 1000 studnets across 3 schools



Annual attendance

increased from 40% to 75%

Learning Outcomes


Students meeting or exceeding
minimum grade-level expectations

Parental Involvement


Parent-teacher meeting

Reach and impact for all programs

What people say

Peepul provides a great example of improving quality of school education through public-private partnership, which is replicable and scalable. They have now also come up with commendable initiatives to grapple with the fallout of COVID 19 which are worthy of emulation. With the New Education Policy's much needed focus on Foundational Literacy, teachers, competency assessments, there is a huge need to focus on implementation. I look forward to Peepul's continued impact by making it happen.

Anil Swarup

Former Secretary, Ministry of Education, Government of India
Founder and Chairman, Nexus of Good

Peepul is an exemplary PPP project in the education sector transforming the lives of children from marginalised families through holistic education.​ It is a disruptive educationalinitiative within the government system. With core elements of personalised attention, curated curriculum, passionate teachers and also active engagement of parents, I’m sure their efforts and model will bring the best in every child.

Nixon Joseph

Chief Operating Officer, SBI Foundation